Brighton Citizens for Responsive Town Government

September 13, 2018 Complaint

Brighton Grassroots has sued the Planning Board to challenge its decision to accept the Town Board’s environmental review of the proposed Whole Foods Plaza development rather than take a hard look at traffic, particularly with respect to placing Amazon lockers, restaurant, and pub in the Whole Foods store.

April 27, 2018 Complaint

Brighton Grassroots has brought this lawsuit to let the Town Board, the Supervisor and the developers know that we will not tolerate the way they are misusing and misrepresenting Incentive Zoning.

February 2018 Complaint

Brighton Grassroots supports a similar organization, the Clover Allens Creek Neighborhood Association, in its efforts to protect the immediate neighborhood from the adverse effects of this Plaza being supersized under Incentive Zoning. That Association brought a lawsuit against the Town in February 2018 to protect the pedestrian trail, and to try to keep the project in the commercial zone and out of the residential neighborhood. It also exposed the Town’s violations of NY’s Open Meetings Law, when the Town held what essentially amounted to a secret meeting designed to prevent the public from participating. You can read that Complaint here