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April 3, 2019 ~ The real update on Whole Foods Plaza -

October 12, 2018 ~ Brighton Grassroots Denounces Reckless Attack by the Daniele Family Companies And Demands Apology

The Daniele Family Companies have published statements suggesting that opponents of the Whole Foods Project are connected to the bribery charges against Assemblyman Joseph Errigo. These claims are false, irresponsible, and offensive.

Neither Brighton Grassroots nor Howie Jacobson had anything to do with the U.S. Attorney’s allegations against Assemblyman Errigo. If the Daniele Family Companies had looked into the facts at all, they would know that Brighton Grassroots did not even exist when the alleged conduct occurred. The criminal complaint filed yesterday by the FBI states that the illicit activity began on September 4, 2017. Brighton Grassroots was not even formed until March of 2018, six months after the alleged conduct started.

Moreover, recent news reports have confirmed that the charges were part of a sting operation by the FBI to target public corruption involving members of the New York State Assembly, including representatives from the Rochester area. The FBI’s apparent goal was to catch an Assemblyman introducing bogus legislation in exchange for cash. To make the offer believable, the FBI wanted the targets of their investigation to believe that the legislation involved the controversial Whole Foods development in Brighton. Evidently, the FBI thought the Whole Foods Project — which provided substantial benefits for the Developer but no real benefit for the community — would be believable bait for a sting involving public corruption. This highlights what has been clear from the beginning: that this oversized project, which would worsen already terrible and unsafe traffic conditions, should not proceed.

Recent press reports support the conclusion that the proposed legislation, and the allegations related to it, had nothing to do with the Whole Foods development or its opponents, but were instead orchestrated by the FBI as part of its criminal investigation.

Despite these facts, the Daniele Family Companies have engaged in mudslinging and recklessly spread innuendo and disinformation about the opponents of the Whole Foods development. We demand that they publicly apologize to Mr. Jacobson, Brighton Grassroots, and the citizens of Brighton, for falsely tying them to these offensive allegations. We also call on community leaders, including Supervisor Moehle and the Town Board, to denounce these defamatory attacks and to demand a return to civility and honest public discourse. The people of New York deserve nothing less.

October 11, 2018 ~ Criminal Charges Against Assemblyman Joseph Errigo

We have been asked by the press whether the criminal charges against Assemblyman Joseph Errigo involve the proposed Whole Foods Plaza Project in Brighton, given that an Assembly Bill involving “zoning incentives” was allegedly introduced by him in late March. We do not know whether the charges are related to this Project, or whether the proposed Assembly Bill would help or hurt the Project. Neither Brighton Grassroots nor Howie Jacobson had anything to do with the charges against Assemblyman Errigo. We ask that the U.S. Attorney’s Office provide more details in the coming days.

September 23, 2018 ~ Correcting Inaccurate/Misleading Information

Aftermath of the September 17, 2018 Planning Board Meeting

Breaking News on Monroe Avenue Traffic

September 17, 7:30pm, Brighton Town Hall, (Public) Planning Board meeting

Please attend the Planning Board meeting and ask that they impose these three conditions on any approval for the proposed Whole Foods Plaza project:

  • No Amazon Prime lockers (pick-up and delivery centers)
  • No restaurant or pub
  • Limit Whole Foods truck deliveries to 2 per day

September 13, 2018 ~ Challenging Town of Brighton Planning Board

Brighton Grassroots has sued the Planning Board to challenge its decision to accept the Town Board’s environmental review of the proposed Whole Foods Plaza development rather than take a hard look at traffic, particularly with respect to placing Amazon lockers, restaurant, and pub in the Whole Foods store.

September 13, 2018 ~ WROC TV8 gets the facts! Watch the interview!

September 6, 2018 ~ Amazon Bought Distribution, Not Food - How Does That Effect Traffic?

September 4, 2018 ~ The Real Update on the Proposed Whole Foods Plaza

September 1, 2018 ~ ...Plus Traffic Flow from Amazon Prime Members

August 28, 2018 ~ Brighton Property Tax Finding

Did YOUR property get reassessed for market value? Guess whose did not –
the Developer of the Whole Foods Plaza!


  • Assessment before sale: $1,650,000
  • Sale price (sold 2014): $7,000,000
  • Current assessment: $1,650,000


  • Assessment before sale: $800,000
  • Sale price (sold 2016): $2,500,000
  • Current assessment: $800,100

Why have we all been reassessed when he has not?
Why are our taxes at market value (or above) and his are not?

Call/email Supervisor Moehle and ask WHY?*
585-784-5252 /

Why does Mr. Moehle let this developer avoid paying taxes we all have to pay? AND - Why does Mr. Moehle let this developer avoid all of the zoning standards that apply to the rest of us?

As Mr. Moehle properly said: people need to pay taxes “according to the actual value of people’s real estate.” (D&C December 13, 2017) Why doesn’t he treat the Whole Foods Developer like the rest of us?

Brighton Grassroots is comprised of citizens who want honest, transparent government. We did not ask for this job, but we love our town and can’t stand by and do nothing.

*Property vacancy is not an excuse- other vacant properties in Brighton were also reassessed at purchase price, so do not accept that for an answer!

August 23, 2018 ~ Letter to the Town Planning Board Members

August 17, 2018 ~ Attention members: Call-to-Action

We are asking ALL supporters to call Whole Foods Regional President Nicole Wescoe to FACT CHECK 3 items the developer is telling the community:

  • Developer says: No Amazon Prime Lockers and Pick Up & Delivery centers in Brighton, NY — True?
  • Developer says: No restaurant or pub in Brighton, NY — True?
  • Developer says: Only 2 trucks a day will deliver to Whole Foods Brighton — True?

  1. To our supporters—-please call: 201-567-2090
  2. Once connected - press 0 and ask for Nicole
  3. Most likely, you will be leaving a message (refer to the copy above)
  4. Provide your contact information

Thanks. We are hoping for 50 calls by the end of this week.

August 15, 2018 ~ Brighton Grassroots' Hand-outs Shared with Planning Board

August 15, 2018, 7:30pm Planning Board meeting

The public needs to let the Planning Board know that we are counting on it to do its job.

The Whole Foods Plaza hearing before the Town Planning Board remains open for at least one last time. The Planning Board could do the right thing:

  1. Get to the bottom of the actual level of truck traffic, with Whole Foods confirmation.
  2. Get to the bottom of the Amazon Prime Locker use and its effect on traffic, with Whole Foods confirmation.
  3. Get to the bottom of plans for a restaurant and pub within Whole Foods, and its effect on traffic, with Whole Foods confirmation.
  4. Get to the bottom of the actual level of truck and consumer traffic to the other 18+ retail stores, with confirmation from their respective management.
  5. Conduct a traffic study based on usage.
  6. Do NOT Collaborate with the Developer’s charade to avoid a Permissive Referendum with regard to the Recreation Trail.

August 8, 2018 Brighton Town Board Meeting with Brighton Grassroots Founding Member Howie Jacobson as Presenter

August 8, 2018 Brighton Grassroots' Hand-outs Shared with Town Board

August 8, 2018 ~ Watch the trucks turning...whose turn is it?

Letter to Brighton Town Planning Board - July 23, 2018

Brighton Grassroots Moving Forward Summary - July 19, 2018

Thank you to all of the Brighton residents who attended the Planning Board Hearing last night, listening to and participating in the right-sizing of the Whole Foods Plaza agenda topic. Seeing over 200 of you was a reinforcement to our Brighton Grassroots work! For those of you providing your mailing address and email, we will continue to keep you informed. Please view a take-away message from last night.

Public Meeting - Brighton Planning Board
July 18, Wednesday, 7:30pm
Brighton Town Hall

The Brighton Community still has an opportunity to get the Whole Foods Plaza properly sized to avoid the traffic congestion that will occur. According to the May 19, 2017 NYSDOT report, this over-sized Plaza will result in: “Increased delays, long queue lengths, and gridlock.”

And now, the Developer has just proposed a second traffic light along Monroe Avenue!

The Town Board ignored the community and “super-sized this Plaza to help this Developer – at the expense of the Community. But the project still needs approval by the Planning Board and the Planning Board can still properly size this Plaza and protect the community.

We encourage you to attend and voice your support for a modified project that complies with our regular zoning limits and properly protects the community. Our zoning limits should apply equally to everyone.

We are looking to our Planning Board to protect us.

Plan to come to the PUBLIC HEARING.

If you can’t make the hearing, send an email or letter to Bill Price c/o:

Monroe Ave. Proposed Plaza space for 18-20 stores

June 5, 2018 Incentive Zoning Facts

June 5, 2018 Traffic Facts